Good Sustenance from The Good God

Most of us eat at least 3 times a day without much thought. But have you considered God's thoughts and acts concerning eating and food? The Word is clear that God cares about the food we eat. In fact food is one of the first topics that God discussed with Adam. In Genesis 1:29 God declares that He has given herbs and fruit to Adam for food. Genesis 2:9 continues with

And out of the ground The Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

I don’t know about you, but I love fruit! Sweet, succulent and refreshing, fruit sustains physical life. From cherries, peaches, grapes and watermelon to apples, oranges and olives the fruit of trees and vines are delicious. In addition to the taste, the verse above also notes that the trees were beautiful to behold. Before the fall and the curse (including the tree of life and with the exception of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) God offered the food of all these trees to Adam (Genesis 2:15-17). Consider how amazing all this perfect food must have tasted before Adam’s fall and God’s curse!

After the flood, in Genesis 9:3 God also extends meat to Noah as food and it’s clear that The Lord personally finds burning meat to be a pleasing aroma (see Leviticus 1:9, 13 and 17). During Israel’s trip from Egypt to the land flowing with milk and honey (Exodus 3:8) God gave meat and manna to His people (Exodus 16:4-16). In Deuteronomy 8:3 God clearly declares that He created mankind to need food and He is kind and gracious in sustaining our flesh through the food He provides. I think that’s an important point — He is most interested in our eternal soul, spirit and being, but He also nourishes and gives life to our physical flesh through bread.

You may have already noted that food is about more than survival. The scriptures are clear that Jesus enjoyed good food and drink. During the beginning of Jesus’ signs in John 2, He didn’t simply turn water into wine, He turned water into quality wine. In John 2:10 the master of wedding feast specifically notes that the wine Jesus created was “good” or excellent, better than inferior wine! God cares about feeding us and it is clear He wants us to partake in quality food and His Son’s works prove it. Jesus Himself clearly enjoyed a delicious meal with a glass of wine, because in Luke 7:34 He says the Jews accused him of being “a glutton and a winebibber.” To put this in terms that we may be more familiar with, they were saying ‘Jesus drinks like a lush and eats like a pig.’ 

I’m already thinking about covering sin related to eating and drinking next week, but for now here’s what I hope you take away from this post:

  1. I hope that instead of mindlessly eating today, you slow down and ponder that the food which sustains and gives physical life comes from our Gracious Father.
  2. I hope that this pensiveness leads you to gratitude for His kindness and provision.
  3. And I hope that as you savor a sweet, juicy pear or a bite of perfectly seasoned filet mignon, that you truly (not tritely) taste and see that The Lord is good.

The Father is very good to you and I today. His goodness is so real, that I can taste it.

Post Scriptum — After publishing this blog entry I remembered that God will forever provide excellent food and drink to His children. Revelation 22:1-2 speaks of the living water and the various fruit that God's children can expect to enjoy throughout eternity! Also, Revelation 19:9 introduces the marriage supper of The Lamb which will be in stark contrast to the lack of satiation that will be experienced by those in the grave (see Luke 16:22-26).