After Eden

Last week, as I scrolled through the news I saw an article about the Green New Deal, a recently proposed government resolution that planned to address climate change. 

From what I can tell, most people (who care or have an opinion) seem to fall into one of two large groups on the current status of the earth’s health. 

Group 1. Science shows that new weather and temperature patterns are developing on earth. These climate changes will cause serious consequences, so they should be addressed by humans to reverse or mitigate damage to the earth.
Group 2. The topics of global warming and climate change should be treated with at least skepticism, if not outright dismissal. 

From what I see and hear from my neighbors and relatives, I would venture to say that most church-goers and traditionally-minded folks around my hometown are staunchly in Group 2 — meaning they believe climate change is a hoax or even a bold-faced lie. 10 years ago, if you would have asked me what I thought I would have also definitely been in Group 2. But today, what I am most interested in, is what God says about the earth that He created!

Several years ago the following verse caught my eye.

Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look on the earth beneath. For the heavens will vanish away like smoke, the earth will grow old like a garment, and those who dwell in it will die in like manner; but My salvation will be forever, and My righteousness will not be abolished.
— Isaiah 51:6

So Isaiah clearly tells us the current heavens and earth are doomed. Another passage that echoes this Truth is Psalm 102:24-28 which says the heavens and the earth will grow old, perish and be changed, while The Lord and His servants will continue.

The Word of God is quite clear that the earth was created perfect, without any type of decay or defect (see Genesis 1:31). Of course this all changed when God cursed mankind and the earth due to the sin of the serpent and Adam’s race (see Genesis 3:14-19). As a result of the curse, decay and death entered the perfect universe that God had made. Today the soil is cursed, the air is cursed, the water is cursed — all creation is cursed! Interestingly, in the very next chapter of Genesis, we are told that the earth soaked in Abel’s blood and cried out because of Cain’s violence (see Genesis 4:10-11). Also, in Romans 8:19-23 we see that creation currently groans and is in bondage to corruption or destruction. Jesus says

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.
— Matthew 24:35

And finally, The Apostle John also testifies of this Truth in Revelation 21:1-2 where he recounts seeing a new heaven, earth and Jerusalem which tells us the old earth and heaven are gone.

Based on all of this Truth, it’s pretty evident that this world and even outer space are sick and perpetually getting sicker. But catch this — in a way, I agree with the scientists that say the earth is unhealthy because of mankind’s actions — after all, Adam’s sin lead to the universal curse. BUT mankind alone is not powerful enough to spread an infection so complete that it permeates every facet of creation. Rust, rot and the decline of the created universe continues to occur because of God’s all powerful Word.

The entire created world is decaying, but only God can remedy this massive problem that man’s sin initiated. There is no amount of human planning, ingenuity, investment of wealth or political legislation that can reverse or even slow God’s curse. Any viewpoint that opposes this Truth is either extremely arrogant, rooted in deception or both!

On the other hand, any church goer or professing believer who says that the earth isn’t in the process of wearing out is either ignorant or actively rejecting God’s Word.

I believe that Christians are to...

  1. Be wise stewards of God’s creation which He entrusted the rule of mankind.

  2. Love their neighbors, because pure love will never lead to selfish or greedy and abusive use of the earth (think strip mining) and it’s resources.

  3. Cling to the servants of God, for they will be established before His throne forever!

  4. Above all, receive the love of The Truth, for Truth is the only hope of salvation for a dying race on this dying planet.

In closing, the only One Who can save the earth from all doom and destruction is The Alpha and Omega, for He is The One Who makes all things new! And for life to continue He must make all things new, for we are no longer living in perfect Eden.

Additional Scriptures

Genesis 1:26-31 — God sets creation under man’s dominion
Psalm 97:5 — Mountains melt at simply The Lord’s presence
Isaiah 50:7-10 — Those who condemn will be eaten up by the moth
Mark 13:31 — A parallel passage to Matthew 24:35
2 Peter 3:10-13 — The heavens and elements will melt with a fervent heat on the day of The Lord
Hebrews 1:10-12 — Quotes Psalm 102:25-27
Revelation 20:11 — Heaven and earth flee from the face of The One Who sits on the great white throne
Revelation 21:5 — Christ promises to make all things new!